Project Management

Every new installation of SARAH Residential Software Suite receives the same care and attention to detail delivered by our technicians.

Skilled and experienced staff will cooperate with you to ensure the process, from initial planning to deployment, is as smooth as possible.

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All management & care staff who will use SARAH are trained in the use of the new system by qualified SARAH trainers.

If it will assist your transition to SARAH, we can install a separate Training Database at a nominal charge. This ensures that any staff member may learn to use the applications in a separate environment that absolutely cannot affect your residents’ data.

This valuable training tool may be used at any time for induction training of new staff and for remedial training of experienced people.


Help Desk services commence immediately upon the operational use of a new system installation. As one of our clients, you will enjoy these benefits:-

    • Determination and resolution of any operational support matter raised by SARAH users.
    • Always, your incoming support call is priority-routed to our Help Desk. Should you not get the correct person immediately, you will be called back – usually within minutes – by the particular subject-matter-expert.
    • Support Services cover all! We do not have hidden charges for “Blocks of time”, “Flag-Fall per call” or “Excess Use”.
    • Unlimited access to our Help Desk during operational hours for any SARAH applications support. By the way, with us unlimited means just that!
    • Updates to SARAH applications software are performed by us, not you!

The breadth of our support is Australia-wide. We use secure, on-line connections to deliver these benefits in a speedy manner to every client site. Our supported clients are across Australia, in all ASGC areas, from Major Cities to Very Remote.

  • Customer access to our Help Desk is by telephone and /or email:
    Phone: During business hours, AEST
    Brisbane metro 07 3290 1161
    Sydney metro 02 8090 5150
    Melbourne metro 03 9005 8650
  • Email to:Professional Services
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