AFCI & Medicare Australia Aged Care Online Claiming.

AFCI and Online Claiming is standard for new users of our ACCURATE CARE Residential System.

ACFI and Online Claiming

The Medicare Australia Aged Care Online Claiming “Business to Business” (B2B) and file upload channel requires software developed by a registered software vendor.

Online Claiming of ACFI is now a standard feature in ACCURATE CARE Residential. The software has passed testing and a Notice of Integration issued by Medicare Australia. You can install our ACCURATE CARE Software with Online Claiming of ACFI and reap the rewards at your residential aged care facility.

Existing client sites are entitled to a reduced-charge to upgrade to use the Medicare Australia B2B channel for Online Claiming of ACFI.


As listed by Medicare Australia, some benefits of using Online Claiming are:-

  • ACFI funding starts from the date of submission & received online by Medicare Australia
  • Acknowledgement in real-time that the ACFI has been received by Medicare Australia
  • Faster feedback from Medicare Australia
  • Improved access to data for use within business and delivery of care
  • Improved accuracy of data and payments due to less handling errors
  • No funding delays
  • Reduced paperwork & paper storage via the B2B channel
  • Significantly reduce staff time required to prepare and submit
  • submission of ACFI assessment is immediate

Contact us now to arrange this for your residential aged care facility.