Make Accreditation Easy. Improve Care. Enjoy Business Benefits.

The Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission is responsible for managing the aged care accreditation process by way of the Accreditation Standards, to promote high quality care & to assist residential aged care facilities in improving service quality.

Experience shows that a Residential Aged Care Facility is in the best position to comply with all eight Standards when appropriate software is properly used to perform clinical and administrative management.

ACCURATE CARE Residential was designed from the outset to cover all of the Aged Care Standards and is field-proven to provide confidence and compliance.


ACCURATE CARE software suite has practical benefits for residential aged care facilities:-

  • Accreditation compliance – covers Standards 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8
  • Tools for continuous quality improvement
  • Improved resident care and reduced nursing administration work-load
  • Reduced business administration work-load & improved financial control

The correct use of ACCURATE CARE Residential will ensure that accreditation worries & stress are in the past.

Easier administration

By design, the day-by-day use of ACCURATE CARE Residential software assists you to maintain your documentation, & keep your data up-to-date, in preparation for accreditation visits. There is no longer the need to spend time in frantic preparation at each facility ahead of a planned inspection, preparing to stave off a fate-worse-than-death. Even a random inspection will be a breeze, and probably over in a short time.

Easy to Use

ACCURATE CARE, with ACFI Online Claiming, is an integrated Care and Management software system designed specifically for Residential Aged Care Facilities. Nursing staff have declared ACCURATE CARE to be, “Nurse-friendly”.

The ACCURATE CARE software suite is used daily around Australia to manage thousands of ageing-in-place beds (High Care, Low Care and ILU). ACCURATE CARE software delivers a return-on-investment through improved nursing & administrative efficiencies.

The graphical interface in ACCURATE CARE software is intuitive and friendly to nursing staff, providing an immediate and practical focus. This role-centric application meets the personal needs of Executive Staff, Nursing Management and Personal Care Workers by having fast access to care functions, and to information that assists monitoring / real-time decision making.

To ensure continuity of care, ACCURATE CARE provides a wealth of reporting, resident-specific care plans, task reminders and much, much more. ACCURATE CARE will become your strategic partner in achieving your business & care objectives.

The various functions within ACCURATE CARE Residential are easily accessed via a graphical main menu. This provides quick entry into the major program groups dealing with:-

  • Administration
  • Bonds
  • Clinical Care
  • Diversional Therapy
  • ILU
  • ILU-Care
  • Kitchen
  • Labels
  • Maintenance
  • Physiotherapy
  • Reports
  • Residents
  • Respite
  • Waiting List

Within all the major program groups are easy-to-use tools, such as:-

  • ACFI
  • Online Claiming
  • Admit, Discharge, Transfer
  • Asset Register
  • Care Plans
  • Maintenance Manager
  • Mandatory Reporting
  • Chemicals Register
  • Employee Information
  • Incidents Register
  • Priority Action Plan
  • Quality Assurance Document Control
  • Resident Information
  • Suppliers Register – and much more


ACCURATE CARE Residential is continually receiving new features. Recent additions include Specialised Care, Consumer Directed Care, Visitor Vaccinations and Webster MedSig Integration.

Be kind to yourself

Avoid accreditation worries. Contact us now. Install ACCURATE CARE. Enjoy the return on investment.