Introduction to Sarah Lite

Sarah Lite is software designed to operate on the Motion C5 tablet. Sarah Lite makes it easy for staff to do entries on the run with no need to return to a PC every time they need to complete a urine entry or progress note. Sarah Lite is designed to cut data entry time, as well as alerting staff that attention is required on various tasks.

Features of Sarah Lite

Sarah Lite allows users to do the following from any location, connected or disconnected from the network.

  • Progress Notes
  • Incident Logging
  • Wound Assessment and Photos
  • Observations
  • Doctor Visits
  • Treatments
  • Care Plan Reviews
  • Viewing Careplans
  • Restraint Reviews
  • Behaviour Charts
  • Urine Charts
  • Bowel Charts
  • Excpetion Reports
  • Day Book / Communication Diary

Sarah Lite Built In Alerts

Sarah Lite keeps staff informed by alerting them of the following items.

  • When Bowels not opened for a period of time
  • Treatments Due
  • Vaccinations Due
  • Open Incidents
  • Urinalysis alerts
  • BP Alerts
  • BSL Alerts
  • Temperature Alerts
  • Weight Alerts
  • Diet Change Alerts
  • When Residents have not had a visit from their GP
  • When Residents have not had progress notes done for some time
  • Multi list items (showers etc)
  • Todays urine charts
  • Todays Bowel Charts

Using Sarah Lite

    • Sarah Lite uses glide technology so that scrolling through residents is a case of sliding your pen up the screen.
    • Sarah Lite DOES NOT REQUIRE A CONSTANT CONNECTION to the network. It uses casual connectivity to synchronise its data when the connection is strong
    • Sarah lite is ideal for the floor
    • The Motion C5 is tough and is guaranteed to survive falls of up to 90cm
    • Staff can literally write their notes directly to Sarah Lite and text recognition is excellent. It will even recognise the most illegible writing. (Excluding Doctors)

The Motion C5

Rugged design can be easily disinfected for a demanding healthcare environment.
Designed to be comfortably carried all day.

Integration of components for dramatic improvement in clinician productivity and reduction of errors.
Can be used in almost any hospital environment with several docking and mounting options.

Key Features and Options

    • Rugged, highly durable design with magnesium-alloy internal frame and elastomer overmolding
    • Highly sealed, disinfectable chassis
    • Optional embedded mobile broadband (WWAN)
    • Optional integrated 1D/2D barcode scanner
    • Integrated 13.56MHz RFID reader with ISO 15693 support
    • Integrated 13.56MHz HF passive RFID tag
    • Integrated 2.0 Megapixel Camera
    • Optional smart card reader
    • One-year standard warranty (upgradeable to two or three years)
    • Newest Display Technology with AFFS+ LED Backlight
    • Optional Gorilla™ glass for increased display damage resistance
    • Optional View Anywhere® Display
    • Motion® DataGuard™

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